About iptel.org

For an introduction to navigating this site, try the Site Intro page. iptel.org is dedicated to the practical side of SIP-based IP Telephony communication. You can here learn about SIP and related technologies and how to set up and maintain a large-scale SIP infrastructure. iptel.org is the home of the well-proven SIP Express Router (SER) and related tools (SEMS - SIP Express Media Server, SERWeb - WEb interface to SERi; RTPProxy - Media proxy server). This site is aiming at:

  • iptel.org shall provide information and references on VoIPi standards.
  • iptel.org shall be the authoritative source for everything needed to set up a large-scale, highly reliable SIP service infrastructure based on SIP Express Router (SER) and related tools.
  • iptel.org shall be a place to go for finding user-contributed documents, modules, code snippets, best practices, and links.
  • All contributions shall be open for comments (without moderation) so that the community can find pros and cons right there.
  • iptel.org shall not be limited to SER, but rather focus on the usage of seri as a SIP server in a service provider/enterprise setting and thus include anything that comes with such a scope.
  • iptel.org shall stimulate to development and sharing of any SER/SIP server related contributions, thus increasing SER's value proposition compared to commercial alternatives.
This site was founded by Fraunhofer FOKUS in 1999 as part of the iptel.org research project. Fraunhofer FOKUS provides research and consulting services regarding security, VoIP services and next generation networks.

Work and Achievements at iptel.org

  • iptel.org created the fastest and most flexible SIP server in the world known as the SIP Express Router (SER). SER is freely available from http://iptel.org/ser
  • The on-line VoIP knowledge base provided by iptel.org belongs to the most frequently accessed professional websites.
  • iptel.org provides free SIP VoIP and messaging services, to which thousands of users have subscribed.


Creating iptel.org was only possible due to kind support from FhG FOKUS. iptel.org was also kindly supported by European Commision projects 6NET and Evolute. iptel.org is also supported by iptelorg GmbH, later acquired by Tekelec.

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