Tips and Tricks for Nokia E70

Here is a couple of things I find useful when playin with Nokia E70 phone. You can also find some useful applications collected on this page.

Most of the information collected on this page was picked up in various forums on the web. I decided to collect it on one place so that I can access it easily next time I have to reset my phone :-). Welcome to the wonderful world of smart phones.

Useful commands

  • Phone reset: power off the phone, hold # + 3 + CALL and power on the phone
  • Display wi-fi MAC addresss: enter *#62209526#
  • Display Bluetooth MAC address: enter *#2820#
  • Display Firmware version: enter *#0000#
  • Swith between running applications: Hold the menu key down for a while and the list of running applications will appear
  • Go back to stand by page: Pres the menu button twice
  • When you install 3rd party applications you might want to disable integrity checking, go to Menu->Tools->App. Mgr.->Options->Settings and set "Software Installation" to all.
  • You can install link to you favorite application into one of the 5 positions in the stand by screen (the one displayed by default). Go to:
    Menu->Tools->Settings->Phone->Standby Mode->Active standby app. and pick your applications from the drop down menu.


Unfortunately the OS in the phone is not very stable and you can get into state where something does not work as it should and you do not know why. The best way out of such situations is reset to factory defaults.

You might want to consider backing up the phone memory to the mini SD card before you reset it. This will preserve all your data and contacts. To backup the memory go to:
Menu->Tools->Memory->Options->Backup phone mem.

Don't forget to remove the memory card before you reset the phone


Download and install CA certificate. That way you can access all servers using HTTPS without warnings.

Instant Messaging

You can use IM+ as Jabber/ICQ/AIM/MSN client. This is a trial version, you need to register it if you plan to use it.


Install PuTTY. I also recommend to install the addional fonts which you can find in the same directory.The display of E70 has high resolution and the original PuTTY fonts are hard to read.


Make sure you have bluetooth, bluez-pin, and bluez-utils Debian packages installed and that your bluetooth interface is working in Linux.

To test whether you can reach your phone you can use:

l2ping 00:a2:d1:a2:dd:66 
(use the real mac address of your phone. You can find out mac address of your phone if you type *#2820# on the phone.


Use obexftp tool to transfer files between your phone and computer:

obexftp -b 00:12:d1:a2:dd:66 -p <file> 



  • The phone says "Web: already in use" although the web browser is not running.

    This sometimes happen when the web browser crashes. Backup your memory and reset the phone to factory defaults.


  • E-mail client stucks while dowloading message headers from IMAP server at

    It does not work for me either (or sporadically). I suspect that the tools is not able to handle SSL/TLS properly. I use webmail instead.

Configuring SIP User Agent for

Go to: Tools->Settings->Connection->Access points and enter AP info (WiFI or GPRS). You can configure a group of equivalent APs, but you will not be able to use that from the SIP profile , unfortunately.

Create a sip profile in SIP settings.

  • Set Profile name to iptel
  • Set Service profile to IETFi
  • Select correct default access point
  • Set Public user name to where xxx is your username
  • Disable use of compression (sigcomp is not yet deployed at
  • Set Registration to yes.
  • Set Use security to NO
  • Proxy server - no change
  • Registrar:
    • Registrar server address:
    • Realm:
    • User name: xxx
    • Password: yyy
    • Transport type: UDP
    • Port: 5060
If you have more APs (like me wifi at work and wifi at home), copy the profile and change just the AP there (as far as I know each AP could have different proxy settings). I did not test the switch over, but I expect it should work this way.


Create a new profile in Internet Telephone settings.

  • Name: iptel
  • SIP profiles: add profile(s) you have created.


You should see two icons in the status bar (near the battery indicator), one consisting of 4 small squares (representing the WiFi AP connection) and second one showing handset and the globe (in the small version it looks like GE logo). The most important settings are security (NO) and service profile (IETF). If you set security to on then it sends Require: sec-agree and does not accept digest authentication.

Keyboard Autolock

There is a small application that can lock the keyboard of the phone after some period of time. Homepage of the application is: You can install it in your phone from

Firmware Updates

The software for doing firmware updates on your own can be downloaded here:
Unfortunately this works only under Windows, you need the USB cable for it and it deletes everything on or from your phone (so make a backup first).
Firmware history:
  • 1.0610.05.06 RM-10: crashes on multiple 180s (from an forked INVITE)
  • 2.0618.07.10 31-08-06 RM-10: fixed the crash when receiving multiple 180s (from an forked INVITE)

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Subject: hey. ive been using my
From: Afgforlyfe01
Date: 4 March, 2009 - 02:18
hey. ive been using my nokia e70 for like 3 or 4 months now. from the time i got it from my brother i had set a code on it and i knew the code. i had been using that code for a long time. then one night it had low batter and i forgot where the charger was so i turned it off and put it under my pillow and when i turned it on the next day i put in the code and it said "code error" and now i cant use it. i can only recive calls. cant even get to menu or regular home screen at all. i can only see it when someone calls me but still cant get into anything without putting in code. i tried the reseting it by holding : #+3+Call button at the same time and then turning it on but nothing happens. im not sure if im doing it rite or not. can you help me pleease?
Subject: VoIPi problem with new
From: Evertype
Date: 10 May, 2007 - 12:19
VoIPi problem with new firmware update I applied the new firmware update, 3.0633.09.04. My phone still does WiFi, and can connect to the Web. It also shows that the SIP connection is Registered -- but pressing OK or the green button in conjunction with an Internet Call produces no result at all. Anyone know about this? Or know a workaround or fix? Many thanks in advance.
Subject: I found the fix. Tools >
From: Evertype
Date: 10 May, 2007 - 14:32
I found the fix. Tools > Settings > Connection Delete Internet Telephone settings and SIP settings, reboot, and create fresh ones.
Subject: VoIPi problem with new
From: Evertype
Date: 10 May, 2007 - 12:18
VoIPi problem with new firmware update
Subject: I have been using my Nokia
From: greger
Date: 4 May, 2007 - 13:21

I have been using my Nokia E70 registering against SEr 0.9.x (with the patched OPTIONS nathelper) without problems. But I realized that Nokia in general has many problems with the TCP/IP stack on their E-series; a lot of people reports problems connecting to Wifi (also browsing). Common for most issues is that you get "No gateway reply" or similar messages when trying to connect using the browser or other network application.

I found the following issues after some research:

  • Some firmware versions of Linksys and Dlink (at least) routers have an iptables rule that will drop INVALID packets. It seems that some Nokia firmwares have had this issue
  • The E-series are sometimes not very cooperative with DHCP and must be configured with static IP address and gateway
  • Some people have reported that just by deleted the WLAN access point in the phone and adding it and it will work (in fact, I experienced that just setting IP settings to static and then back to dynamically assigned fixed the problem)
  • There seems to be a sensitivity to WLAN channels used. People report that by changing the channel of the access point fixes the problem
  • Other people report that changing the security method (WEP,WPA, etc) can help

SIP-only related issue:

  • Users of OpenWRT have seen problems related to a bug in SIP application layer gateway rewriting addresses (wrongly) in via


Subject: greger;Collecting solutions
From: rogerfgay
Date: 10 July, 2007 - 09:20


Collecting solutions is so extremely useful. Thanks for the tips. I'm in the midst of trouble-shooting and have some not fully confirmed insights to add. I have a Linksys WRT54GS version 6 router. I discovered yesterday that their most recent firmware upgrade "Resolves issue of working with DHCP relay agent." Upgrading the firmware might have fixed the problem that some of the other solutions might work around. Also, wondered whether - when you went to Static IP and back to DHCP, did your process involve manually defining an IP address on your E70? If so, did that manual definition remain after you switched back to DHCP? I got a little suspecious that the E70 has a difficult time knowing who it is, so to speak. I began getting different behavior (much faster internet connection), after manually defining the IP address.

Correlation does not prove causality.

Subject: I don't know anything about
From: greger
Date: 12 July, 2007 - 18:20

I don't know anything about the DHCP relay agent fix. A relay agent is mostly used to relay DHCP requests on behalf of other users to another outside LAN-segment.
I don't know if my E70 stayed with the configured static IP address or actually got a DHCP assigned IP, I didn't listen on the wire and was unable to replicate it.
The iptables firewall in Linksys will default discard packets that are invalid and some people on the net have reported that some UDP broadcast packets of Nokia's TCP/IP stack would have wrong checksum and thus be dropped.
However, I'm not sure what really happens when it suddenly works.
I have been able to consistantly use my E70 on SIP on my Linksys for quite some time. However, using it for checking email or Internet does not work, regardless of having the SIP connection up or not.
My theory is that UDP goes through, but TCP does not. Why? Beats me...

Subject: presentations
From: jiri
Date: 5 October, 2006 - 23:54
    This may be a tool useful if you wish to present from your E70. Link courtesy of Nils. Warning: never tried!
Subject: SIP settings
From: korey_sed
Date: 15 September, 2006 - 06:07

nice tips.  The WLAN MAC # has an error in it though.  it should be a 6 at the end.

I cannot get the SIP to work though?  is this the infamous E-Series NATi issue or am I missing something?  mine keeps on saying not registered and when I try to dial it says no WLAN converage.  any ideas?

Appreciate it.


Subject: I fixed the wifi mac
From: janakj
Date: 20 September, 2006 - 13:23
I fixed the wifi mac number, thanks. If your phone says no WLAN coverage then it probably has some issues with the wifi network, have you configured it properly ?
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