The is an open project and contributions from our users are always welcome. There are many ways how you can contribute you do not need any special skills or coding experience.


Is there anything you do not understand on the ? Would you like to see more details on a certain topic or would you like to see documentation for topic which is not yet covered on our site ? Then make a comment ! Every page contains "add comment" link at the end. You can use that link to add comments to the page, comments can be entered and viewed by anyone. When you add a new comment then the author of the page will be notified and will update the page if he finds the comment accurate and useful.


Improving the documentation is an on-going process. You can help us with that. If your favourite topic is not described or is not documented properly then create some new content. Don't worry too much about categories etc, we'll help you out with that. Just add the text (and attachments) you want, that's the most important!If you want to help out, but are not sure what is needed, take a look at the todos page.

Report Bugs

We have a bug tracking system running at where you can file bug reports and feature improvements. The corresponding developer will be automaticaly notified when you create a new bug report. You will be notified when the status of the bug changes.

Participate in mailing list discussions

We maintain several mainling lists for our users and developers. You can find the list of all mailing lists on the mailing list page. If you are experienced in SIP, IP Telephony or running SERi software then we would like to ask you to share your experience with others users and help them resolve their issues.

Submit patches and improvements

Released versions of software will only get security and bug fixes.  However, many people have minor or major modifications to released versions or even new modules.  If you submit a patch and people start using it, it is more likely that your patch can be included in the current development version. Patches and modules, as well as suggestions for code improvements should go either to or registered at

Suggest New Features

If there are particular features or functionality that you are missing, you can add your favorites to the wishlist. Also, take a look at the roadmap to see what the current plans already are.

Provide early feedback for experimental software

If you follow, you will see when a development version from CVSi is ready for testing. If you don't want to be that bleeding edge, you can wait until we announce availability of source-packages for evaluation and testing.  Watch the news!


FOKUS Fraunhofer and Tekelec/ sponsor with access to resources, as well as servers and bandwidth. If you want to donate, we suggest that you offer a code bounty and announce it on and Be clear on exactly what you want and how much you are willing to offer to get it done.

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