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Official Documentation

 SER Getting Started  The best novice step-wise introduction to getting started with SIP Express Router.
 SER Documentation Search Interactive search tool to find functions, selects, parameters, and rpc commands for your seri.cfg
 SER 2.0 - What's New?  What's new information about the upcoming release SERi Ottendorf.
 SER Module docs These module documentation pages are auto-generated nightly based on the upcoming SER Ottendorf (0.10.x) documentation sources.
 SER Version News

 The news file from the source distribution. This is the current development news.

 SER Buildsystem The buildsystem for simple management and generation of SER configuration files (ser.cfg)
 SER Development Documentation  Technical information for SER insiders.
SER Administrative Guide 0.11
Administrative Guide for SER 0.11 (Warning: outdated!)
 SIP Tutorial
PPT slides; includes introduction to SER

Other Resources

 SIP resources  Introductory information and resources on the SIP protocol 
 SER - FAQs Frequently Asked Questions collected by the community
 SER - Howtos Longer, more elaborate descriptions of how to do specific things
 SER NEWS Announcements about what is happening with and to SER
Example Configuration Files
 Basic, Standard cookbook
Configuring SER (2003 dated)

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