This project deals with SIP network within IP anycast environment where in our case two SERi clusters are multihomed in Prague and Berlin. The aim of this project is to test these two clusters from Planet lab nodes where will be running SIPcraft as a measurement tool. Different locations of Planet Lab nodes will provide a test bed where we will be able to see which SER cluster and also RTPi proxy is selected for each SIPcraft installation. One of the crucial parts of selecting specific SER cluster/RTP proxy will depend on routing logic of the Internet. The result of using these SER clusters should provide a good latency and availablity of a SIP service especially selecting  the appropriate RTP proxy and used for the purpose of's SIP service in near future.

named routes

andrei on 15 September, 2006 - 15:36
Keywords: 2.0.x | Book | SER | ser.cfg

seri supports named routes: names can be used instead of numbers in all the route commands or route declarations.




The old route(number) is equivalent with route("number") (e.g. route(2) is equivalent with route("2")).

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