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By janakj
Created 2006-03-04 10:29

For an introduction to navigating this site, try the Site Intro [1] page. iptel.org is dedicated to the practical side of SIP-based IP Telephony communication. You can here learn about SIP and related technologies and how to set up and maintain a large-scale SIP infrastructure. iptel.org is the home of the well-proven SIP Express Router (SER [2]) and related tools (SEMS [3] - SIP Express Media Server, SERWeb [4] - WEb interface to SERi [5]; RTPProxy [6] - Media proxy server). This site is aiming at:

This site was founded by Fraunhofer FOKUS in 1999 as part of the iptel.org research project. Fraunhofer FOKUS [9] provides research and consulting services regarding security, VoIP services and next generation networks.

Work and Achievements at iptel.org


Creating iptel.org was only possible due to kind support from FhG FOKUS [11]. iptel.org was also kindly supported by European Commision projects 6NET and Evolute. iptel.org is also supported by iptelorg GmbH, later acquired by Tekelec.

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