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Welcome to iptel.org, the IP Telecommunications Portal

By greger
Created 2006-03-09 14:47

iptel.org is the home of the open-source projects:

  • SER - SIP Express Router [4]
  • SEMS - SIP Express Media Server [5]
  • SERWeb - SIP Express Router Web [6]

iptel.org provides high-value information and resources on
SIP-based IP telephony and IP telecommunication. [7]

iptel.org is the home of the free SIP/IP Telephony service iptel.org [8].. [9].


April 24th: A new  book on SIP security has been published by Wiley. Visit sipsecurity.org [10] site for more details.

Apr 17th: We are happy to announce the SIP Router [11] project, a joint effort to create a shared code base for various SER related projects.


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