SER Contributions

Many people develop functionality for SERi, some for commercial or business purposes, others for fun. Regardless of the purpose, we encourage people to contribute the code either in the form of complete modules or patches. Such contributions can be done to the current development version by submitted the patch/module to or at However, often people develop code for released versions of SER to ensure a stable base and then add the functionality they require, thus avoiding adding new and unproven code from the development version.

If you have such a patch or module, we welcome you to submit the code at You will have more people testing your code, more people get value out of your work and if the functionality is popular, it may enter the development version (if you haven't already submitted it).

How to contribute at in general

Submit a patch/module (remember to set the correct SER component your code applies to in the list box called SER)

List of contributed patches/modules

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