SIP Express Router - Development

This section is dedicated to the development of SERi. A good place to start is to look at the documentation and resources available for developers and users following the development.

SIP Express Router has a large number of active developers contributing to the project. Also a number of full-time paid developers contribute lots of code. Development of SER is focused on slowly building and improving the core engine responsible for processing SIP messages, while adding new and more unproven functionality in modules. When deploying SER, you should be able to trust that new versions will NOT introduce a whole lot of new bugs in your existing setup.

If you want to quickly get your patches to the core into the code respository, SER is probably not the right project for you.  Core patches are accepted, but only if they fit in the roadmap of SER core and after extensive review and testing. If you are looking for a robust, scalable, and very extendable core to extend with functionality through development of your own modules, SER fits the bill!  Modules have different classifications (standard, standard with dependencies, stable, and experimental) thus allowing modules under development into the modules repositoryi.

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