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The German research institute Fraunhofer FOKUS is the copyright holder of the core code of SERi. is administrating the copyrighton Fraunhofer FOKUS' behalf. SER has a dual licensing model, like mySQL, jBoss and other open-source projects in that a commercial version of SER is being developed by This means that it must be possible to extract the code from the code repositoryi that is copyrighted by Fraunhofer FOKUS. Practially, this means the following:

  • The code is GPL-licensed and you can do everything allowed by the GPL license
  • If you contribute patches to code copyrighted by Fraunhofer FOKUS or others, you must give the copyright rights to the holder of the code (mostly for the core and some core modules)
  • If you want to contribute code to the core without giving away the copyright rights, code must be isolated in separate code files (and not patches)
  • If you contribute a module, you need to decide if you want to release your copyright rights to the public domain or retain the rights (and thus be able to modify the GPL-version and create a commercial version without publishing your changes). You will not have to give your rights to Fraunhofer FOKUS

Below we will create an overview of the various SER modules and the status of copyright. A developer's "contract" will also be developed that will have to be digitally signed.

 Part  Copyright holder Comment 
 SER Core Fraunhofer FOKUS 
 Modules: tm, rr ... Fraunhofer FOKUS 

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