Management of SER is an open-source project with a large community. This community is responsible for the development of SERi. Very often, something new is added or some documentation is written because an individual has a need for it ("scratch your own back"). Other times, development or extensions done for projects in a corporate environment are contributed back to the community in the form of patches, new modules, or maybe even a new project. This means that suddenly a new feature can show up without any warning. However, we strongly encourage people to discuss their projects on the developer mailing lists to improve their ideas, as well as maybe avoid some duplicate work.

Each of the projects has a developers' mailing list (ex. SER:, SEMSi: This is where you can get feedback on ideas, features, suggestions, and so on. Most decisions are made on these lists through consensus, that is, unless somebody objects, things are moved forward. If somebody objects, the objection must include a reason. If the concern/objection can be handled in a good way and there are no more objections, the patch/module/change can move forward. Any person with a strong and valid objection can stop something from moving on, with more weight given to objections from maintainers of the code in question (for example, the maintainer of a module).  If no consensus can be reached, but the suggestor or somebody still feels it should be moved forward, the decision goes to the technical board, which will make the decision.

The technical board is elected for two years at the time  (see rules for an elected technical board.)

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