SER Getting Started

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The SERi - Getting Started documentation is the one previously found at The document is created around a set of seri.cfg configuration files for SIP Express Router starting from the very basic Hello World example. The current document works with SER version 0.9.x.

 SER - Getting Started  The full document in Adobe Acrobat
 SER - Getting Started The full document in html chapters
 Getting started config files Individual configuration files
 Configuration files package A tar package of all the configuration files
 Script files package A set of help scripts developed as part of the documentation effort
 SER Source package The latest tested and approved source package of SER that works well with the Getting Started document. This package is a vanilla source SER, but with a couple of extra scripts that helps you keep your source tree updated with bugfixes (see README.onsip)
 SER - Everything package A package containing all the above except the document

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