SER Performance

Keywords: 0.9.x | 2.0.x | core

There are many ways to good performance for networking-based software.  SERi performs with a large number of subscribers on a single server, sufficient for most installations. And using various techniques building a SIP network architecture, you can make SER scale to an unlimited number of subscribers. However, we want SER's core and core modules to be based on sound design principles and architected with performance in mind. These components are used by everybody, from the simplest seri.cfg for proxying large number of call per second to the small "home-grown" setup with a huge ser.cfg executing all kinds of logic for every single message.

On this page, we want to gather performance related information from as many sources as possible, so that you, as a user of SER, can get as much information as possible to evaluate SER according to your own performance criteria.

Vaclev Kubart has run some interesting tests of new SER Ottendorf.

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