SER Roadmap

See a more detailed roadmap for features that have been specified as well as bugs on the tracker.

The current stable release is SERi 0.9.x. The release of 2.0 (Ottendorf) is just around the corner. The roadmap for future releases shows features that have been selected/suggested to be included. The status comment for each release shows how firm the roadmap is. These are the alternative status the roadmap can have:

  • In progress - The roadmap is in the forming process; people are still suggesting features, voting can happen, and developers are evaluating their available time for projects
  • Closing - The roadmap is about to be settled; larger features are not likely to enter at this stage, but minor changes can occur. Last chance to speak up!
  • For approval - The roadmap has been formally closed by the developer community and awaits formal approval from the management board. This approval is normally just formal and is done to make sure that SER is moving forward coherently and in the "right" direction
  • Approved - The roadmap has been formally approved by the management board. Unless unexpected things happen (will be announced), you can assume that the release in question will contain the features on the approved roadmap

2.0 (codenamed Ottendorf)

Status: Preparing release candidate (See also the list of known issues that haven't been fixed yet).

2.1 (codenamed Ipteldorf)

Status: In progress

After major Ottendorf release, Ipteldorf is anticipated to be a "polishing" release focusing primarily on polishing, tuning, including new modules which do not take changes to rest of SER, and including code which has been overdue.

  • Backend extension: new DB API with support for LDAPi and other new database engines
  • Standard compliance: update to STUN-bis
  • Security: pike monitoring, Identity, higher usrloc resilience
  • documentation (SER itself and clustering BCPs)
  • various improvements to be agreed on (futex, dev/rtc, tm/refcnts, tcp fd cache, .....) --see JIRA issue tracker
  • path module with record_path() and support for path in usrloc

Future Features under Debate

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