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Is SERi for me?!

This is a difficult question. People come to with many different goals. Basically, SER is a highly scalable SIP server (redirect, proxy, and registrar). It is not a telephony PBXi, and it is not a simple "run SIP proxy" applications. You need to understand SIP, tailor SER to your needs using the seri.cfg configuration file, and tweak to your network, your user devices, gateways etc. That being said, the flexibiilty of how much you can tweak is quite unique. (Btw, SER does come with example config files that gives you a basic working setup in very short time.)

A post from an experienced SER system operator with a commercial voice service provider can help illustrate why this flexibility is seen as good.

SER gut
Comic strip about SER sysop, thanks to Alfred E Heggestad

How to get started with SER

First of all, you need to get hold of SER. SER is distributed with Debian in binary form, but you can also download packages on this site. We recommend that if you are new to SER, start with the SER 2.0 release candidate.

The SER - Getting Started document is a very good way to start understanding how SER and the SER config file works. You can also download a source package with various scripts and tools adapted to the document.

Documentation for latest stable release 0.9.x can be found for each module in the README files under the modules/ directory (source package). These README files have been migrated to this site for 2.0 (the release after 0.9.x), so they will be more easily accessible. For an overview of documention, including 2.0 modules, check out the documentation page. Also see the FAQs and How-tos.

More help: You can obtain free best-effort help from the ser community. To participate on the mailing list, subscribe at the following web address: and stick to problem reporting guidelines. Discussion of development, new features and SER status as on CVSi takes place at the following mailing list: .
Please search the mailing lists for previous discussions on your topic before posting a question!

Beyond The Basics

Once you have SER up and running, you may want to have a look at contributions made by others and maybe you would like to contribute yourself!

Also, if there are things you miss, have a look at the roadmap and wishlist, and if you cannot find what you want, please post your suggestion to and update the wishlist!

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