SER Wishlist

This is the page where YOU add your most wanted SERi features or modules! Please feel free to edit this page.

See a more detailed list of wishlist items on the tracker (items on this wishlist will end up in the tracker when they are detailed enough to do actual coding).

New groups can also be added. This wishlist is used for evaluating what to focus on for future releases.

In order to know the general interest of a feature, you can also vote for features. Just add an * in parenthesis behind the feature, and please only add one...

Database backend

  • Generic (configurable) LDAPi module for authentication, groups, and avps


  • SNMP module


  • Discussion of redundancy/failover/scalability
  • A "standard" NATi-tolerable fault tolerance setup without using a back-end usrloc cluster (note: many components are already in place, they just need to be put together)
    • Simple way of defining multi-server awareness in seri.cfg
    • Trusted (i.e. fault tolerant with caching) replication of usrloc information across multiple servers and geography (XMLRPC module?)
    • Load balancing of any type SIP message without using DNS SRV
    • Handling of split user databases across servers without special ser.cfg logic beyond initial multi-server configuration


  • In RADIUSi-based setups, you do authentication against RADIUS. However, reREGISTER messages may in certain situations be seen as a refresh of a usrloc (i.e. same ip and port, same user) and the load on RADIUS servers can be reduced by just refreshing the expiry. Specification

Application development

SER needs more standardized interfaces to SIP application developments. The goal should be become a reference and test SIP server also for SIP-base applications (just like today on SIP itself).
  • Define how SER should relate to JSLEE/JAIN to facilitate Java-based SIP applications delivered using SER
  • SEMSi as a B2BUAi "toolkit"
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