eyeBeam, X-PRO and X-Lite SIP User Agents

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:26
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Xten Networks, Inc.

A premium SIP-based User Agent with all the features and functionality of a small business phone system. Open standards-based design allows for maximum network interoperation. PocketPC Version Also


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:25
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


SIP UA for Linux


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:23
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


vPhone lets you see, hear, send files, SMS, MMS and chat with anyone, anywhere in the world - all for FREE. vPhone allows to place high- quality videoconferences and call PC to Phone.

SIP Server

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:22
Keywords: SIP | Softphone



59.NeT, has the difficult task in the global market to reconcile communication quality without leaving aside one single moment: RELIABLE services and LOW COST.

Sip Center UA

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:20
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Helmsman SIP Deskop Agent

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:13
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


This C++ software provides users\' desktops with real-time multimedia capabilities. The SIP Desktop Agent consists of a comprehensive call control environment supporting IM, presence management, media


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:12
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Teligent SopftPhone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:11
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


The Teligent SoftPhone is a user-friendly but powerful tool that allows users to turn their personal computer into complete multimedia/telecom centre.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:10
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

TABLETmedia, Inc.

TABLETmedia iFon is the most advanced multi-protocol H.323/SIP softphone for VoIPi, videoconferencing and messaging on mobile devices. Supports G.711i, G.723.1i, G.729A, GSMi, H.261, H.263, AEC, etc.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:08
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SoftJoys Labs

linux version


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:07
Keywords: H.323 | SIP | Softphone

SoftJoys Labs

H.323/SIP softphone for MS Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Supports G.729i, G.711i, GSMi audio codecs. Fully interoperable with ITSPi and software/hardware manufacturers.Allows for calls to PSTNi as well.

IPv6 SIP phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:06
Keywords: H.323 | MGCP | SIP | Softphone


IPv6 support claimed


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:04
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SLTS Communications

SIP client With support for Multi-line, Mute, Hold, Transfer, Caller ID, Registration, inbound-outbound proxy, conferencing, Call logging. Integrates with myJabber IM. Custom Branding available.

SIPquest Collaboration Agent

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:03
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SIPquest Inc.

Supports instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, desktop-sharing and Web page pushing; built-in presence; drag-and-drop user actions; buddy list; media mode migration; rebrandable for OEMs


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:01
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


sipXezPhone, is written using C++, wxWidgets, and the sipXtapi API. Currently both Windows and Linux platforms are supported with MAC OS X a clear posibility.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:59
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


The sipXphone project, formerly known as Pingtel\'s instant xpressa softphone, is a fully functional SIP softphone that runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:58
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Simon Morlat

SIP Phone for Linux

Siemens SIP Softphone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:56
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Pingtel Phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:55
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Looks like a very cool SIP phone. Programmable Java interface.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:53
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


A SIP multimedia client for VoIPi, Video telephony, Video Conference, Screen Collaboration, Whiteboarding, with Universal IM Platform, Phonebook with Presence, Secure speech; 15-day trial


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:52
Keywords: H.323 | SIP | Softphone

Null Team

YateClient is a multiprotocol (H.323,SIP,IAX) VoIPi client. It works on Windows and Linux, and is skinable. YateClient is avaible under GPL free license.

SIP Multimedia Web Client

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:51
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Nortel Networks

This web-based SIP User agent is a thin-client that uses a Web Browser on a PC platform to provide the services provided by the SIP Multimedia PC Client.

SIP Multimedia PC Client

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:50
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Nortel Networks

Windows PC-based SIP agent that supports traditional telephony communications while providing additional multimedia communications services such as instant messaging, subscriber provisioned incoming...

nikotel Mac/Win2Phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:48
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Mac and PC

Express Talk

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:46
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

NCH Swift Sound

Express Talk is a free SIP softphone for Windows. Fully SIP compliant including multiline support (4 lines), hold facility, DNDi, call transfer, NATi traversal and multiple codecs.

Connect PC

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:45
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Proven PC client for VoIPi, Video telephony, presence, instant messaging, voice mail, etc. SIP and IMSi environments. Converged mobile-PC services such as video sharing, mobile video call.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:44
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

open source cross-platform simple SIP softphone, written in java, based on MjSip stack, freely avalible under GPL license.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:43
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


SIMPLEi client (GPLed)


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:39
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


low-codec video; support for PCs, and pocket/handheld PCs

Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging Service (MSN Messenger 4.6)

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:37
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


An enterprise version of MSN Messenger that allows logins to SIP and Exchange 2000 servers (in addition to the MSN server).

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