HP300 (VoxPhone)

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 19:05
Keywords: H.323 | Hardphone | MGCP | SIP

Arrayvox Communications

IP-PBXi feature telephone with LCD display and with Multi Protocol Support: 2X 10/100Base-TX port, 2X16 Character LCD Panel, Phone Book, 10 Function 10 Speed Dial


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 19:01
Keywords: H.323 | Hardphone | SIP



smart card reader, encryption and authentification

DV325 IP Desktop Videophone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 18:57
Keywords: Hardphone | SIP



DTA 310 Legacy Phone Adapter

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 18:55
Keywords: Hardphone | SIP



SIP Phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 18:53
Keywords: Hardphone | SIP


Typical SIP scenario
Typical SIP deployment scenario involving 2 companies.

SIP Etherphone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 18:51
Keywords: Hardphone | SIP


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:27
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Zultys Technologies

FREE Linux SIP softphone has PBXi functions, IM, 100 addresses, call logs, and calculator. Dial by IP address, SIP address, or number. Works end to end or with proxy, application server, or IP-PBX.

eyeBeam, X-PRO and X-Lite SIP User Agents

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:26
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Xten Networks, Inc.

A premium SIP-based User Agent with all the features and functionality of a small business phone system. Open standards-based design allows for maximum network interoperation. PocketPC Version Also


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:25
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


SIP UA for Linux


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:23
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


vPhone lets you see, hear, send files, SMS, MMS and chat with anyone, anywhere in the world - all for FREE. vPhone allows to place high- quality videoconferences and call PC to Phone.

SIP Server

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:22
Keywords: SIP | Softphone



59.NeT, has the difficult task in the global market to reconcile communication quality without leaving aside one single moment: RELIABLE services and LOW COST.

Sip Center UA

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:20
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Helmsman SIP Deskop Agent

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:13
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


This C++ software provides users\' desktops with real-time multimedia capabilities. The SIP Desktop Agent consists of a comprehensive call control environment supporting IM, presence management, media


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:12
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Teligent SopftPhone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:11
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


The Teligent SoftPhone is a user-friendly but powerful tool that allows users to turn their personal computer into complete multimedia/telecom centre.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:10
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

TABLETmedia, Inc.

TABLETmedia iFon is the most advanced multi-protocol H.323/SIP softphone for VoIPi, videoconferencing and messaging on mobile devices. Supports G.711i, G.723.1i, G.729A, GSMi, H.261, H.263, AEC, etc.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:08
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SoftJoys Labs

linux version


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:07
Keywords: H.323 | SIP | Softphone

SoftJoys Labs

H.323/SIP softphone for MS Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Supports G.729i, G.711i, GSMi audio codecs. Fully interoperable with ITSPi and software/hardware manufacturers.Allows for calls to PSTNi as well.

IPv6 SIP phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:06
Keywords: H.323 | MGCP | SIP | Softphone


IPv6 support claimed


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:04
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SLTS Communications

SIP client With support for Multi-line, Mute, Hold, Transfer, Caller ID, Registration, inbound-outbound proxy, conferencing, Call logging. Integrates with myJabber IM. Custom Branding available.

SIPquest Collaboration Agent

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:03
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

SIPquest Inc.

Supports instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, desktop-sharing and Web page pushing; built-in presence; drag-and-drop user actions; buddy list; media mode migration; rebrandable for OEMs


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 17:01
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


sipXezPhone, is written using C++, wxWidgets, and the sipXtapi API. Currently both Windows and Linux platforms are supported with MAC OS X a clear posibility.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:59
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


The sipXphone project, formerly known as Pingtel\'s instant xpressa softphone, is a fully functional SIP softphone that runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:58
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Simon Morlat

SIP Phone for Linux

Siemens SIP Softphone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:56
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Pingtel Phone

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:55
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


Looks like a very cool SIP phone. Programmable Java interface.


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:53
Keywords: SIP | Softphone


A SIP multimedia client for VoIPi, Video telephony, Video Conference, Screen Collaboration, Whiteboarding, with Universal IM Platform, Phonebook with Presence, Secure speech; 15-day trial


Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:52
Keywords: H.323 | SIP | Softphone

Null Team

YateClient is a multiprotocol (H.323,SIP,IAX) VoIPi client. It works on Windows and Linux, and is skinable. YateClient is avaible under GPL free license.

SIP Multimedia Web Client

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:51
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Nortel Networks

This web-based SIP User agent is a thin-client that uses a Web Browser on a PC platform to provide the services provided by the SIP Multimedia PC Client.

SIP Multimedia PC Client

Anonymous on 3 April, 2006 - 16:50
Keywords: SIP | Softphone

Nortel Networks

Windows PC-based SIP agent that supports traditional telephony communications while providing additional multimedia communications services such as instant messaging, subscriber provisioned incoming...

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