Technical Board - Election rules

greger on 28 April, 2007 - 13:13
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  • These election rules were established by consensus on the following mailing lists:,,,
  • The basic principles were discussed on the developers' meeting in Prague, April 12.
  • The principles were put forward on the lists, discussed, and modified with a summary posted to the lists for approval on April 28 by Greger V. Teigre.
  • This page documents the agreed rules and was edited by Greger V. Teigre on May 17, adding as a voting list.
  • Any modifications to these rules agreed by the community should be documented here with a history.
  • May 18, 2007, GVT, updated #6, made explicit nomination/voting procedure by adding "(by posting to at least one of the lists)."
  • May 29, 2007, GVT, reversed May 18 addition, and added items 9 to 13 suggested in GVT post on May 25 to make explicit nomination and voting procedures, including an option for secret voting (no comments were received on the suggesting, thus accepted by the community)

One big problem with SERi has been the complexity of the SER configuration language. Only apache (httpd) can (almost) compare in the flexibility and number of ways a piece of software can be configured. This has resulted in a pretty steep learning curve for beginners. SIP can be used for an increasing number of applications and each deployment has its own, specific needs. Thus, SER's configuration language must be powerful.

The professional SER user has other issues, like maintaining multiple configurations across server farms and setups, sharing some code, but still needing individual tailoring to each server. '

Materials from SER/SEMS meeting in Prague available online.

janakj on 25 March, 2007 - 17:05
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Slides, audio streams, and pictures from the SERi/SEMSi meeting in Prague are now available online on our FTP server.

Notes from SEMS users meeting at VON Europe 12th Nov 06

Stefan on 10 November, 2006 - 13:24
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Notes from SEMSi users meeting at VON Europe fall 2006
 + SEMS and *
 + SERi - SEMS
 + Performance
 + Python/IVRi
 + wishlist



SEMS design overview

Stefan on 12 October, 2006 - 13:21
Keywords: Book | SEMS | VoIP
This is an overview about the design of SEMSi.
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