Technical Board - Election rules

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  • These election rules were established by consensus on the following mailing lists:,,,
  • The basic principles were discussed on the developers' meeting in Prague, April 12.
  • The principles were put forward on the lists, discussed, and modified with a summary posted to the lists for approval on April 28 by Greger V. Teigre.
  • This page documents the agreed rules and was edited by Greger V. Teigre on May 17, adding as a voting list.
  • Any modifications to these rules agreed by the community should be documented here with a history.
  • May 18, 2007, GVT, updated #6, made explicit nomination/voting procedure by adding "(by posting to at least one of the lists)."
  • May 29, 2007, GVT, reversed May 18 addition, and added items 9 to 13 suggested in GVT post on May 25 to make explicit nomination and voting procedures, including an option for secret voting (no comments were received on the suggesting, thus accepted by the community) Technical Board

  1. The board is responsible for resolving issues that is not possible to be resolve through a community consensus process, and it is allowed to take action where it finds necessary for the benefit of the community.
  2. The board is common for all projects.
  3. The board shall consist of five (5) members and the term shall be two years.
  4. A board member can stay for several terms.
  5. The five members shall be selected with one representative from SEMSi, two from the SERi developer (cvs write access) community, and two representatives for the broader community.
  6. All seruser, serdev, and semsdev subscribers nominate candidates, as well as vote (by posting to at least one of the lists).
  7. Electable members must be contributors to in some way and should not be controversial among subscribers.
  8. Each subscriber can give his/her vote to one or more candidates, up to the number of board members (5).
  9. Before nomination starts, a person and email address should be identified publicly as the coordinator of the election process.
  10. Nominations are suggested either publicly on one of the lists identified in item 6 or privately to the coordinator. Each nominee must
    accept the nomination in order to be electable.
  11. Voting is done according to item 8 either by posting who are voted for on one of the lists identified in item 6 or privately to the
  12. Nominations and votes shall be anonymously posted to an webpage and kept updated regularly by the coordinator. The coordinator
    shall keep all posts and private emails with votes as an assurance that the result can be verified by a third party.
  13. Voting shall be open for seven days.

Nominations and voting for mid-2007 Technical board elections

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