Jiri Kuthan

E-mail: jiri@iptel.org
WWW: http://www.iptel.org/~jiri

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I'm director at oracle, previously managing director of iptelorg, Tekelec's R&D arm. Historically, I had been with reasearch organization FhG Fokus and later I co-founded iptel.org, producer of high-performance SIP infrastructure. I have been responsible for iptel's technological development. Most well known piece of iptel's work is SIP Express Router, world's leading open source SIP server deployed by a variety of service providers worldwide. iptelorg was acquired by Tekelec in 2005.

My professional interests are Internet telephony, network security, Firewall and NAT technology, and software architecture. I have been participating in several IETF standardization working groups related to SIP Telephony and co-written a book on SIP Security .

I graduated from the University of Salzburg back in 1998. I have been supervising students at TUB and CVUT, most of them later joining the industry after graduation and working succesfully on VoIP. Many amazing talents emerged, particularly Uli Abend, Raphael Coeffic, Alex Hoffmann, Jan Janak, Nils Ohlmeier, and Stefan Sayer. (Note to prospective students: If you are with TUB or CVUT, plan to graduate soon and are looking forward to learning hard a lot, drop me an email.)

I live with my family in Prague and Berlin, current location almost subject to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Berlin is one of the most exciting multicultural European cities to live in -- it is green and blue, with great cultural life and long historical, cultural and enterpreneurial legacy. If my profession occasionaly leaves some free time for me I read books and go windsurfing or sailing. I fell in love with the "flying saiboat", RS700 skiff. I love returning to Exupery ("Citadelle"/"The Wisdom of the Sands" is remarkable work), Kundera, Stefan Zweig, Capek. I also find Hamming's speech You and Your Research very encouraging and worth returning to.

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