I run the iptel.org site since about 2000 when I started working on VoIP and SIP Express Router (now known as kamalio) at Fraunhofer Fokus in Berlin.  My professional interests are
Internet telephony, network security, Firewall and NAT technology, and software architecture. I live with my family in Prague and Berlin, current location almost subject to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  Berlin is one of the most exciting multicultural European cities to live in -- it is green and blue, with great cultural life and long  historical, cultural and enterpreneurial legacy. If my professional life occasionally leaves some free time for me I read books and go windsurfing or sailing. I fell in love with the "flying saiboat", RS700. I love returning to Antoine Exupery (The Wisdom of the Sands is remarkable), Milan Kundera, Stefan Zweig, Karel Capek. I also find Hamming's speech "You and your research" very inspiring.


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